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Who we are

That’s right. No set-ups. Not just no set-up charges on reorders. No set-up charges, period.


When we started Vault Promotions in 2012, we had no idea what a blessing in disguise this venture would be.


The philosophy: Listen to our customers. Deliver on our promises. Be big enough to accommodate larger orders in a reasonable time frame. Treat everyone fairly. Be funny.


We know selling badges can be a pain. Our goal is to make your badge selling experience as painless as possible. We offer unparalleled customer service. We offer an on-line Vault badge release program that allows clients to release as few as one badge at a time. We get stuff out right, and on time. We send funny holiday cards with original cartoons and captions.


At first it was a little hair-raising, but we made it. Sure, we had to share warehouse space with a chain smoking hot dog vendor, but then, who doesn’t?


Here we are years later. We’ve since added a lot more staff, and a lot more warehouse space (The hot dog guy is gone).  The atmosphere is relaxed, but the work ethic is strong. There is plenty of laughter, but not without an emphasis on quality and detail orientation. All are committed to delivering the best product, accurately, and on time.


Who works at Vault?

An award winning portrait artist and illustrator, a professional photographer, a former rock star/amp builder who continues to record and place in International Songwriting Contests, a valedictorian and first-class auto mechanic, a graphic novel writer, a guy who plays video games all weekend and is currently working on a humorous version of “Young Sheldon”, and many others. In other words, we pay attention, and we pay attention to our customers!


Our motto has been, “It’s not OK to be OK”, long before AT&T adopted a similar slogan.

Should have trademarked that.





What you can expect


No Setup Fees. Ever.

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